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Image by Mel Poole

What People Say

“Last night I was on a shift and one of our patients had a severe case of aphasia, and only because of you I knew what that was, and made a point of talking to the patient as much as possible and not about her with her husband”

MADA Volunteer

"I am so grateful to Koach Eitan for talking about aphasia, a word no one talks about or understands."

Aphasic Person

“What Eitan and Leora are doing is amazing. It is so hard to be in that position where you can’t speak; it has to be so frustrating and to find the strength to make that your mission, I can’t tell you how much I admire them,” 

Tova Cern

founder of SiMedic Trauma

“Leora and Eitan, Well Done on all that you are doing!

Sister of an Aphasic person

“Before Eitan’s stroke I didn’t know about aphasia, I wasn’t even a big talker. Thank you for your patience in teaching us about it so that I can now have conversations with Eitan!”

Friend of Eitan

“This is wonderful encouragement to me as a parent! Made me cry to remember to be grateful and celebrate her survival and progress!"

Parent of Aphasiac person

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