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Koach Eitan Lifeline Program

The Koach Eitan Initiative strives to provide support outreach through calls, video calls, messages or visits to all individuals and families who contact us with questions, concerns or issues related to living with or knowing someone who is living with the challenges of stroke, aphasia and rehabilitation.


Koach Eitan Judaism Connection

So much in Judaism revolves around speech, language and communication. When one is challenged with Aphasia so much in Judaism can become very difficult causing a lot of frustration and even withdrawal. Koach Eitan is striving to change that, always coming up with different and intuitive ways in Judaism to promote more inclusion, connection and communication. Read More about the Koach Eitan Judaism Connection.

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Interactive Inspirational and Educational Workshops and Events

Through our workshops, events and parlour meetings, we provide an understanding of what it is like to live a life affected by stroke and aphasia. We work hard to teach how this disability presents, and how people living with aphasia and the effects of stroke, and their families, are affected by it.  We hope to empower families and communities to help those around us who are battling aphasia and the effects of stroke and promote inclusion within the community at large.

Our workshops are appropriate for all ages. Take a look at our past workshops and events.

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Koach Eitan Advocacy Program

Navigating the ins and outs of the different bureaucratic and medical systems in Israel.
Join Koach Eitan’s team of accountants, lawyers, social workers and other professionals that can help families navigate the grueling government, financial, and medical procedures one has to endure to ensure disability rights and insurance receival, therapy approval, the power of attorney process and more. There are many organizations that can provide this help but sometimes at an astronomical cost, and many times you cannot find all the help you need in one place. The Koach Eitan initiative is currently building this team of professionals to help others so that families can learn to live their new reality without the stress of the bureaucratic burdens that can so often get in the way and cause so much unneeded anxiety, worry and tension.

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Social Media Platform

The Koach Eitan Initiative strives to keep our platforms on social media updated round the clock– Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Twitter and TicTok, with updates about our different projects and initiatives we are working on as well as video content with Eitan and Leora, showing what it is like to live a life with stroke and aphasia.

It is no easy task getting word out to the public, however, when we receive an email or a text thanking us in whatever way, it makes it all worth it. People that have aphasia contact us to say how grateful they are that people are talking about it. This may make them less embarrassed about their disability and allow them to venture out more. Others may know someone with aphasia and can now learn how to communicate with them better. People may have loved ones who have had a stroke, brain injury or are suffering from a neurological disease and want to know how to better understand and help them.


Please consider making a contribution and join the growing Koach Eitan community. Our community works hard to bring about more inclusion, deeper connections and less isolation to those living with trauma, disability and loss.

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