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Koach Eitan

Close your eyes and just imagine

That you were once someone strong, someone capable of almost anything, and all of that was taken away in an instant.
You are no longer able to do most of the simple actions you once did, let alone really understand why.

Your speech was robbed from you, you many not be able to read or write, and numbers may be pretty unbearable to work with. Being part of big groups of people is so hard, as cross conversations and loud noise are not agreeable and very confusing to your brain in more ways than one.

A lack of recall of long-term memory, including experiences, and of loved ones. You are now one-handed and cannot stand for long periods at a time, get tired very easily, and there is a constant numbing pain on the damaged side of your body.

This is Aphasia and physical disabilities , as a result of a stroke and, and we are living it.

Dazzling Light

The Koach Eitan Initiative was started after Eitan Ashman suffered a massive left-sided stroke at the age of 42. As a husband, father of four young children, property management owner, Crossfit Instructor, volunteer senior MADA paramedic and driver, and someone who regularly gave Jewish classes, Eitan was an extremely active person, generous with his time, passionate about helping and volunteering.

That all changed in the blink of an eye.

According to the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, Acute
Cerebrovascular Event (stroke) is one of the leading causes of death in Israel and is the primary cause of neurological disability in adults.

Stroke is a main cause of Aphasia. 25%-40% of people
who suffer a stroke will present with Aphasia (usually in older adults).

Stroke is a word that many have heard and know about, Aphasia, which is more common than Parkinson’s, is not. It is a word that even we did not know.

There are many different types of Aphasia (see About Aphasia). Eitan suffered a stroke and because of it, lives with not only physical disabilities due to his stroke but a HUGE invisible one named Aphasia, which is loss of language and comprehension, due to damage in the brain.

This affects, for many, difficulties in speech, reading, writing, & understanding

Suffering a stroke and living with aphasia is very lonely. It affects not only the person who suffered but also those around him. In a world where not so many know, or have never heard of Aphasia, we aim to better that. Aiming to do so for the sake of the victims, for the sake of their families, for the sake of their communities, and for everyone else who may come across someone who has suffered a stroke and/or has Aphasia.

Dazzling Light

Koach Eitan provides an understanding of what it is like to live a life
affected by stroke and aphasia. 

With our awareness campaigns, projects, and initiatives,
we hope to bring about more
inclusion and connection, and less isolation

We empower families and communities to help those around us who are
battling aphasia and the effects of stroke and promote inclusion within
the community at large.

Please consider making a contribution and join the growing Koach Eitan community. Our community works hard to bring about more inclusion, deeper connections and less isolation to those living with trauma, disability and loss.

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