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About Eitan & Leora

Leora & Eitan

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Eitan, originally from Baltimore, and Leora from Toronto, moved to Israel in 1996. They have four children and live in Efrat. Eitan and Leora have always been very active in their roles as parents, as well as their community and professional lives. 

At the time of Eitan’s stroke, Leora was working in informal education as the head coordinator of all of Efrat’s five youth groups. Eitan was running his own property management business amongst other projects.


Miraculously, Eitan survived the stroke, but the losses are real. Along with his ability to speak fluently, Eitan lost his career in property management and his position as a Crossfit coach. He also lost his ability to teach Torah and his role as a volunteer in MADA. And worst of all, he lost a great deal of his long-term memory. Leora was also forced to give up her job to help with Eitan’s rehabilitation and support their family.

However, they have not lost their desire to help others!

Dazzling Light

In March 2022, nearly five years after the stroke, after receiving much help and support from so many around the world, Eitan and Leora felt there was work to be done. During those 5 years they realized that so many people did not know much about stroke or what aphasia was or how to communicate with those who were challenged by it.

This led to the establishment of the Koach Eitan (Eitan’s Strength) Initiative, a project of Giving Ltd., in order to educate and raise awareness about aphasia and stroke.

Dazzling Light

Eitan’s personality of taking on a challenge and not giving up has remained a part of him. He took on the new challenges and rose above them.


And that's what Eitan and Leora are now doing together. They are taking on the challenges and using them to teach others, to increase awareness and to promote inclusiveness. They are stressing the importance of constantly putting one foot in front of the other, and doing so with a smile. 

Please consider making a contribution and join the growing Koach Eitan community. Our community works hard to bring about more inclusion, deeper connections and less isolation to those living with trauma, disability and loss.

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