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Koach Eitan Judaism Connection

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So much in Judaism revolves around speech, language and communication. When one is challenged with Aphasia so much in Judaism can become very difficult causing a lot of frustration and even withdrawal. Koach Eitan is striving to change that, always coming up with different and intuitive ways in Judaism to promote more inclusion, connection and communication.

The World Aphasia Shabbat

Join shuls and communities around the world as we learn about aphasia and encourage increased connection and inclusion within Jewish observance. The Koach Eitan Initiative in Israel is excited to be collaborating with many shuls in this upcoming special, and ever so important worldwide SHABBAT project. Koach Eitan felt the important need for teaching Jewish communities around the world more about aphasia. Aphasia affects so many people, but is not widely understood. As humans, the ability of having speech and language makes up so much of who we are, and is a tool that is so widely used in most all aspects of our Jewish culture. What if suddenly this was robbed from you, which changed in essence a huge part of who you are and how people interacted with you?

Empowering Seder Conversations Haggadah

The Empowering Seder Conversations Passover Haggadah presents clear and inspiring insights to foster broad inclusion and engagement at the Seder. This Haggadah features the voices of Eitan Ashman and other individuals who offer unique perspectives gained through their perseverance and encounters with language, communication, and other challenges. It also includes meaningful thoughts shared by contemporary Jewish leaders and educators.

The Seder text and succinct conversational ideas appear in large fonts with an accessible layout. Practical inclusion tools and instruction icons help navigate the Seder and make the Koach Eitan Haggadah a valuable resource for facilitating a welcoming Passover experience.

The full traditional Passover Haggadah text is included in Hebrew, with commentary and instructions in English.

Koach Eitan Haggadah

The haggadah can be purchased in Israel from the following stores:

  • Pomeranz

  • Manny's

  • Steimatsky

  • Tzomet Sefarim

Contact Us with any questions

Koach Eitan Succah Art

Decorate your sukkah with beautiful Koach Eitan SUKKAH ART, designed and painted by Eitan Ashman, and help support Koach Eitan’s initiatives and projects that enable more awareness, education, support and inclusion within the world of Stroke, Aphasia and Disability.

Stay Tuned for Succah Art Orders
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