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LET'S TALK - A campaign of the "I’m ME" Project

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Recognizing and connecting with the person that still is.

Learn and know how to communicate with someone who is challenged with Aphasia.

Use this guide to help you remember tips and tools for communicating and including someone

with aphasia.

**These tools and tips can be useful with other language impairments as well.

Any sort of trauma or loss can cause a person to lose some of who they were as the person before and more importantly the need to rebuild.

The only way to rebuild is have the people around them understand that even if a little different they are still them and the need to be viewed and respected as themselves and connect and be included with others is a need unlike no other.

Through different campaigns the I’m ME project teaches how to recognize and communicate better with the person that is.

LET'S TALK! A campaign of the #I’mME Project


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