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The Aphasia Onion Challenge

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

June is Aphasia Awareness month

So many people are challenged with aphasia, yet few people know what aphasia actually is. Someone challenged with aphasia can feel very frustrated and isolated as it is often difficult to retrieve the right words. We want to change this and try to get more people to know what aphasia means and how to communicate better with someone who is challenged with it.

Accordingly, the Koach Eitan Initiative-Leora and Eitan Ashman are kicking off this month with some great energy and fun, and want to challenge all of you!

We are going to challenge you and want you to challenge your friends and family with…


Aphasia Onion Challenge!!


* Grab a peeled onion. * Set up your camera or have a friend video you. * Say: “This is the Aphasia Onion Challenge. Sometimes Aphasia holds your words hostage. (Feel free to say who you are and where you are from) I nominate my friends _____ and ________ (you must nominate at least 2 people but feel free to add more!) to complete this challenge within 24 hours!!” * Take one bite into that delicious onion just like an apple, chew, and swallow! * Post on your social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok etc and don’t forget to tag

@koacheitan @leoraashman @eitanashman, and the people you are challenging, include the instructions in your post, and hashtag #aphasia #aphasiaawareness #inclusion #aphasiaonionchallenge #koacheitan

And if you don’t use social media but want to take part, you can send videos to whatsapp +972525421166

*** Remember you have 24 hours to complete the challenge! **** You do not have to be tagged to start, so…GO FOR IT! and help us take this challenge all around the word and go globally viral!

****The first ten people to post and share their challenge will be entered to win some pretty cool Koach Eitan swag!

Good Luck to all of you!!

Thank you for helping the Koach Eitan Initiative educate and raise more awareness about aphasia!

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