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Jerusalem Marathon

  1. Register here to the Jerusalem Marathon: using coupon code: koacheitanjem

  2. Register as an individual Team Koach Eitan participant using THIS FORM.

  3. To create a team of participants, please first fill in THIS FORM, then add each individual team member using THIS form.

To keep the Koach Eitan Initiative growing, we would like to ask individuals to have a fundraising goal of at least 540nis or more, and families to have a goal of 1200nis or more.


For questions, please contact:

More about the Koach Eitan Initiative HERE

*The funds raised include your Team Koach Eitan race kit (Your Jerusalem marathon race kit will be picked up by us and can be picked up at the KE event before the race). If you are unable to fundraise (as an individual OR as part of a team), there is a Team Koach Eitan registration fee of 75nis.


**Please note: Children under 18 must be registered with/accompanied by an adult.



We invite all companies, families, or individuals to take part in sponsoring Team Koach Eitan. Your sponsorship will go towards funding our many projects and initiatives that enable inclusion, provide community education, and impact the lives of so many people who live a life with a disability.  


** Sponsorship can also remain anonymous.


Team Koach Etian was started in 2018 to raise more awareness about stroke and aphasia.

For the many years leading up to Eitan’s stroke the Ashman’s have run for many different causes.


Many years ago, Leora was running for Team Shalva. When she got to the middle of the Jabotinsky hill in Jerusalem, she heard such a sweet sing song voice coming from behind - Run Team Shalva Run, - Lady you got this!! Leora says she can't describe the feeling it gave her but it really gave me the push her needed to run the rest of the hill! 

Over the past few years, we have had so many people notice our Team Koach Eitan shirts and ask who we are, about our team, and about stroke and aphasia.


Our runners have been able to teach their friends and loved ones about an invisible disability not a lot of people know about, and a great amount of awareness has been raised. The marathon is  a phenomenal platform to be able to come together and do this.

In March 2023, Team Koach Eitan will once again be running (jogging, walking or kalnoiting works too) with our team shirts. Whether people see the shirt from the back or the front, they will know, or maybe question and will become aware, and hopefully learn more about aphasia and stroke and the importance of more inclusion and less isolation.


Eitan and Leora hope to go and speak to the work teams of our wonderful, generous and super sponsors (if you would like to be a sponsor please reach out:)) to give them a motivational and educational presentation of Stroke, Aphasia and their journey.

Please consider making a contribution and join the growing Koach Eitan community. Our community works hard to bring about more inclusion, deeper connections and less isolation to those living with trauma, disability and loss.

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